App Store Optimization Tips

To make a positive first impression it is important to present yourself as best you can. Whether it be wearing smart clothes, submitting a great resume or even smiling to catch someone’s attention. For mobile apps: the app store is your stage and your app profile and screenshots are your outfit or resume. It is

Round up of our January rankings

At Messapps we truly do love what we do. We don’t want to just develop apps. We want to create successful products. As such we treasure recognition from our clients and our peers. In January 2017 we were ranked as one of the top app development companies in New York twice. Ankit’s LinkedIn Ranking. The

Creating an App Preview Video that Sells

Half of all installers gauge whether they’ll install your app within the first 5 seconds of browsing you app’s page. If you’re confident in your app’s abilities, then why not sample it through a video!